A trusted source of expert witness consulting, research, and testimony for the world's largest Internet businesses and brands.
Internet Expert Witnesses

Testifying experts with backgrounds in Internet, online, computers, software, and social network technology topics.

Web, Cloud, and SEO Pros

Business intelligence and market research on Web, cloud computing, SEO, and other popular high-tech verticals.

Data Privacy Insiders

Advisory solutions from management consultants to the world's largest Internet and online companies.

World-Famed Internet Expert Witnesses and Technology Insiders

Award-Winning Experts as Seen in ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Wall St. Journal

Internet Expert Witnesses: Testifying Consultants and Analysts

Internet expert witness consulting and trial testimony courtesy of FutureProof Strategies and Scott Steinberg, recognized as the world's leading business strategist, and a globally-acclaimed analyst on topics such as cloud computing, big data, IT, social media, network technology, and more. Get expert testimony, market research, and consulting reports now.

Consulting Experts

Connect with Internet expert witnesses who can assist with computers, IT, and software technology matters.

Polls, Surveys, and Research

Access market research and business intelligence that provide deeper looks at any Web or online space.

Testifying Internet Experts

Book our analysts to provide trial testimony and insight into various high-tech industries for your matter.

Computers, Software Witnesses

Hire testifying expert witnesses to speak on IT topics, online culture, and rising Internet trends.

The world's most successful Internet companies partner with us for expert witness consulting and testimony.
World-renowned Internet expert witnesses and market researchers.

Expert testimony and consulting insights for high-tech matters.

Internet businesses, online brands, and top law firms of all kinds look to our team of industry-leading analysts and experts to make sense of technology, cloud, and Internet topics. With over 20 years of experience in high-tech spaces, we provide research and testimony that makes an impact.

On the hunt for Internet expert witnesses and management consultants who can provide deeper insight into computers, software, and social networks? Seeking help with Web, SEO, or online-app-related topics? Don't hesitate to shout today.

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Testifying Witnesses

Internet, computers, and software expert witnesses who can help you bring any high-tech space into perspective.


Computers, Software, IT Experts

Our expert network can help connect you with consulting technology pros across the full spectrum of IT fields.


Market Research + Reports

We work with law firms of every size to create custom research and reporting on technology industries and markets.


Technology Analysts

Book strategic consulting services from the field's best-known analysts and management consulting professionals.

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